Your Sound: is a comprehensive 90 minute instructional video showing you live sound made easy. Join Dave Mighty Mouse West as he takes you on a tour of his world. Here he’ll show you some of the best techniques in both concert and theatrical sound. Whether you’re in your garage or in a church these tricks of the trade are sure to help you improve your skills.

Do you have trouble hearing the vocals? How about the instruments? Does the band complain that they can’t hear as well? With his easy to understand analogies and hands on demonstrations Mouse can show you how to solve these problems yourself. Is that pesky feedback... back? You don’t have to be a seasoned sound person to restore peace to the stage.

 Your Sound is the ultimate teaching tool and is a must-have for schools, houses of worship, theaters, clubs, studios or even the garage. The DJ and karaoke scene are sure to benefit as well.  Musicians, are you having trouble speaking the same language as your engineer? Then this video is also perfect for you.  A good gig is a fifty-fifty split between tech crew and talent.  Knowledge is a key to success and Your Sound is the master key.