Your Sound covers all major points from start to finish. Viewers are sure to learn how sound is created, manipulated, and reproduced. We achieve this by breaking the video into three sections.


Section One

  • How sound is generated and measured. it may not seem importaint but like it or not this industry revolvs around physics and as a result everything matters.

  • Signal flow and an overview of a complete sound system

  • In depth look at the beginning, microphones and direct boxes

  • Phantom Power

  • Inserts

  • Gain structure

  • Phase reverse


Section Two

  • Equalizers

  • Aux Lines

  • Sub groups and VCA groups

  • Matrix busses

  • Master section of mixing console

  • Dynamics processing

  • Crossovers

  • Amplifiers are are probaily one of the least complicated piec's of the puzzle

  • Speakers are the reproducers of the final product and will only make louder what they are givin

  • Cabling 101

  • Patching

  • Troubleshooting

  • “Find the freqs” in my world means to solve problems

  • Sound check


Section Three

  • Theatrical Sound concepts

  • Custom made head set microphones

  • Placement of overhead microphons for theatrical productions and chiors

  • Sound System design