Are Hand Pallet Trucks a Thing of the Past?

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Hand pallet trucks have traditionally been used to decrease the amount of effort and man power required for moving items in a warehousing atmosphere and for the loading and unloading of goods in urban retail areas.

The disadvantage of these types of handling equipment are that handbook effort should be exerted by the consumer to maneuver the pallets of products making dangerously heavy pallets troublesome to control on sloped surfaces and pedestrian streets.

The frequent solution has been the usage of electrically pushed pallet lifters which use traction batteries to regulate the drive and braking characteristics of the equipment. Electric lifting functions on these types of equipment also cuts the guide effort required to lift the products by the pumping motion needed with this type of equipment.

However the fee and size of the electrically operated pallet trucks have been a barrier to most small transport firms in a really competitive marketplace. This situation has now been addressed and make carry with it the demise of the hand pallet truck.

New products on the market at the moment are bridging the gap between the traditional type of lifting equipment and the electrically operated pallet movers. Fashionable products from German manufacturers such as Hanselifter mix all required features of the larger powered pallet trucks right into a product no bigger than a manually operated hand pallet truck. These smaller products improve productivity by allowing the consumer to move heavy pallets in excess of 1.5 tons without any physical effort. Their smaller size makes them ideally suited for use in tight spaces such as articulated lorry trailers. A full forty foot trailer can now be loaded/unloaded with items by a single operator in less than 10 minutes.

The cost situation has additionally been addressed with these new mini electric pallet trucks with the typical cost being less than 50% of the cost of bigger electric pallet trucks.

This leap forward in handling equipment technology could herald the end of the traditional hand pallet trucks and save the efforts of our entrusted delivery males who keep our businesses & supermarkets brimming with products for us wary shoppers.

Additional benefits to those trendy lifts are the financial advantages they bring to US and European manufacturers. A current surge in low worth manually operated lifting equipment imported to the US and Europe from the far east has seen market share decline for domestic producers of lifting equipment, however producers from China & India for instance have been slow to produce comparable technology driven products to the same standard.

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