A Shower Bench within the Home Benefits the Aged

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For older adults and other people with disabilities, taking a shower or bathing in a regular rectangular shaped bathtub can be a dreaded task. The concern of possibly falling makes it more tough when it is supposed to be relaxing.

In response to the National Council for Ageing Care, falls are the leading cause of fatal injury amongst older adults, and the most frequent reason for non-deadly trauma. Falls in adults sixty five+ are also the leading cause of head accidents and broken hips. Approximately 30 – 50 p.c of falls are because of environmental causes reminiscent of slippery floors and uneven surfaces. A National Institute on Growing old statistic also signifies that a full eighty p.c of falls occur in the bathroom.

Owning a shower or bathtub bench is a good funding on your safety, helps ease the concern of falling and provides aid for the caregiver. They are perfect for people with balance, endurance and energy points or those who really feel unsafe when lifting their legs up and over the side of the tub. Several reasons why you need to have this bath aid are:

It reduces the risk of falling when stepping into and out of the bathtub.

You possibly can sit down from the outside of the tub, swing your legs into the bathtub in a sitting position and shift over in to the bathtub in a sitting position as well.

It means that you can get into the bathtub without having to lift your legs up and over the side in standing position – a risk for seniors and cause of falls within the bathroom.

You will boost your quality of life, particularly in case you are depending on a caregiver.

Shower Bench Features

Most benches come padded for comfort and with a deal with on one side. Some models supply a minimize-out for a hand-held shower head, a slit to guide your shower curtain in place and a commode type open space for cleaning underneath.

Although shower benches are set up for the standard bathtub, they’re versatile and can be utilized in numerous bathtubs that permit movement of the handle and backrest. This versatility will be helpful when visiting one other relative’s house or for those who move.

A Shower Bench Could Not Be Right for You

You probably have a small lavatory, a shower bench will not be proper for you. It could intervene with moving on and off one other surface safely, such because the toilet. A shower board could also be a greater option. People who have limited ability to bend the knees or hips typically discover a shower bench troublesome to use.

When using a shower bench, make certain it is way sufficient from the faucet to allow movement of the legs out and in of the tub but shut sufficient to reach the hand-held shower head or faucet. Manage the shower curtains properly to avoid getting the lavatory wet and risking a fall as well. It is also vital to check the burden capacity of a shower bench to make certain it will assist the proper weight.

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