Locations to visit on your holidays in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is perfectly positioned between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, with volcanoes and rainforests completing the whole tropical package. It is the happiest place on earth and accommodates 5 p.c of the world’s bio diversity!

Ecotourism is the shared passion of each community in Costa Rica. With 29 national parks and 27 other reserves, both the federal government and private entities attempt not only to bring tourists in for economic good points but also to teach the masses relating to the essentiality of rainforest and wildlife conservation.

Holidays in Costa Rica aren’t complete without visiting at least one nationwide park!

Check out the most well-liked Costa Rica travel destinations and get ready for “Pura Vida”.

More cool places to visit in Costa Rica

1. Tortuguero

Tortuguero is called the Central American Amazon, and once you arrive you will know why.

Most places are only accessible by boat. This makes the place troublesome to succeed in, however it additionally makes every visit to this destination an intentional one.

I’m positive you won’t mind going round by boat. Monkeys, birds, sloths and other wild creatures are always round to make your cruise fascinating and fun.

Most people visit Tortuguero to explore the Tortuguero National Park. Established in 1980 for the purpose of creating a protected habitat for nesting sea turtles in Costa Rica, the park continues to be one of the wildest and most necessary of all the huge national parks in the country.

Nowadays, you possibly can see not only green sea turtles here but also leatherbacks and hawksbills. This 19,000-hectare property is run by the federal government and enjoys high visitor turnover from July to October. Within this time frame, there is a high likelihood of seeing the beloved nesting turtles.

Most lodges are only accessible by boat. This includes the Manatus Hotel. With its beautiful ecolodges equipped with distinctive amenities, the Manatus Hotel is an opulent aid within the jungle of Tortuguero.

2. Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is house to some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and is among the finest surf spots in Costa Rica. Another nice surf spot, Mal Pais, is just three kilometer away.

Different adventure activities that you can do in Santa Teresa are amongst others Canopy excursions, horseback riding and hiking. The Curu Wildlife Reserve is among the most popular destinations in Costa Rica and is situated in Santa Teresa. It was actually the country’s first private wildlife refuge.

The Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat is a luxurious resort right next to the Santa Teresa beach. The villas are constructed with bamboo and wood and are surrounded by a green garden.

If you wish to strive yoga for the first time, there isn’t a better place. It’s a perfect way to calm down your tense muscle tissue after a full day of adventures in Costa Rica. While looking for luxurious places to stay in Santa Teresa, consider the Canaima Chill House as well.

3. Cerro Chirripó

The highest mountain in Costa Rica is the Cerro Chirripo, making the place an excellent hiking destination for individuals excited with the thought of reaching the topmost part of the country.

A number of provinces function an entrance to this Costa Rican vacationer spot, and these embrace Cartago and San Jose. The 25-kilometer hike to the summit could also be physically daunting, however the views of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean from the top are mesmerising.

Only 60 visitors are allowed per day to explore the park. In here you will discover trails which have hardly undergone any modification in order that even hiking lovers find it exhilaratingly challenging to traverse.

While you are there, pay a visit to the village of San Gerardo de Rivas and let the locals take you on a singular coffee exploration. Before you allow, loosen up in the natural scorching spring in Rio Chirripo.

Crestones Base Lodge is the only accommodation inside the Chirripo National Park. It offers fundamental amenities to hikers and a resting place for the ones wanting to see the charming sunrise from the mountains the following day.

4. Central Valley

The Central Valley or “Meseta Central” is where many Costa Ricans reside. With its naturally stunning backdrop and bountiful lands, no wonder folks choose to build their lives here.

It’s dwelling to the Irazu and Poas Volcanoes, each of which are active thus providing richness to the soils around the area. This makes farming thrive within the plateau — and yes, strictly speaking it isn’t a valley.

The Braulio Automobileillo National Park is among the most important points of interest within the Central Valley. Just by driving along the roads, your eyes and lungs are definitely in for a nature retreat.

Into the jungle, there are hiking trails that lead you to breathtaking waterfalls and numerous flora and fauna. Additional into the forest, there’s an aerial tram that takes you through treetops and sloth habitats.

The Central Valley provides a wide range of luxury accommodations like the Best Western Irazu Hotel and Casino, the Grano de Oro and the Bougainvillea Hotels.

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