Materials Developments in Exhibition Stands

The exhibition stand is changing. Up to now, exhibitors used heavy supplies to set up an exhibition booth that was cumbersome to build and to move. Right this moment, the concentrate on the use of lightweight supplies, and in particular cloth, signifies that the exhibition stand is lightweight and less expensive.

Current developments in the exhibition stand design worldwide embody an elevated use of assorted materials corresponding to fabric, an emphasis on lighting, creating a “box” design, building natural shapes, and using bold colours.


Material is the material most used in exhibit stands in current trends. Because cloth is light weight, and can be moulded to create eye catching shapes, it’s the materials of choice for the modern exhibitor. Material can be used as an accent or to assemble a complete booth. The latest trend with cloth is the usage of translucent cloth to display full wall graphics. Fabric can define the house as the a part of the branding for the exhibition stand, while sustaining the open, airy feeling of area, in order that attendees don’t feel enclosed within the exhibit.

Wood is the following most common materials to use, with metal the desirered end for some industries, particularly well being care, kitchen, bathtub, and the retail industries. Metal is troublesome to damage and is therefore cost efficient for use in lengthy-term exhibits or exhibition stands that shall be transported across the country to show in the various capital cities.


Ten years ago, many exhibitors merely used the available lighting within the exhibition centre. Now, it is virtually unimaginable to spot an exhibition stand that does not embody separate lighting to intensify or highlight products. Exhibition lighting has turn out to be an integral part of excellent stand design.

From halogens to gobos, from wash lights to identify lights, you need to use lights in your exhibition stand design to create a mood, highlight particular merchandise, and to create special effects that entice consideration to your exhibition. Use lights to set your booth other than the competition.

Box Design

Exhibitor Magazine has annual design awards and no less than 75 per cent of the winners this yr have used a “box design”. Though the box will be rectangular, oval, round, or no matter shape you like, the box itself is an exhibit that incorporates and delineates the area itself. Fairly than use a traditional exhibition booth, and simply build the exhibit into the house remaining from the walls of the booth, the box design permits an exhibit to use the complete space allotted to the stand and to define the space with out the usage of booth walls. In case your branding uses an oval shape, create an oval formed exhibition stand within the space allocated, instead of using the traditional rectangle booth.


The use of new shapes is a development that stems from the use of computer generated designs in exhibition stands. Curves, tombstone shapes, wave shapes, and other complicated shapes are getting used to add curiosity and movement to exhibition stands.

Graphics are also using shapes as a part of the design. Graphics are now focusing on a single message and have gotten a large a part of the exhibition stand. The latest worldwide pattern in graphics is to take advantage of the new printing processes and switch walls into a full graphic that draws attention. Designers are utilizing shapes, equivalent to ovals, to show the distinction between the graphic and the wall.


Colors are positively one of the tendencies that continually adjustments within the exhibition industry. One year aqua is all the rage and the subsequent magenta red is the accent color of choice. Using trendy colours can lead to additional expense when it’s important to change the color scheme to satisfy the latest pattern, or your stand shall be seen as out of date. The latest color development is to combine conservative colors, such as black, grey, and tan, with vibrant colour accents. Nevertheless, some exhibitors have skilled success through the use of aggressive colors for all the stand, comparable to yellow, green, or orange. Using color in lighting can also be a well-liked trend.

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